JMtheMelomane -

Born and raised in Ivory coast, Jean-Marcel Lauret A.K.A JMtheMelomane left his home country, Ivory Coast, around the age of 16 to start a new life in Montreal, Canada with his family in 2008. It was also during that time that he fell in love with Rnb, hip-hop and rap music after watching countless videos on YouTube of his biggest inspirations: Ryan Leslie and Kanye West. He started producing beats and recording himself for fun with his friends using a software called Mixcraft.

Meanwhile the music became a real passion for him and he started to entertain the idea of becoming a recording artist, he was still afraid to tell it to his conservative parents who always pushed for him to study to become a great scholar. So by the age of 18 after completing his CEGEP , He decided give music a rest for now to get a Bachelor of Commerce at MCGILL UNIVERSITY to make his parents happy. During those years though he was still obsessed with music and he and his best friends created a band called A.D.T ( A .Dream.Team). Unknown to his parents, he skipped lots of classes for the sake the band and he started perfecting his recording techniques, as well as self-teaching himself everything, from BEAT MAKING to SOUND ENGINEERING watching tons of YouTube videos and reading lots of books about the music industry.

After his graduation in 2014 and the end of A.D.T , JMtheMelomane, still willing to please his parents and not too confident and sure of himself about a music career yet, reluctantly decided to work various full-time jobs in banking and insurance, which he hated. Meanwhile he was still very active in his Music dropping lots of songs and a mixtape on Souncloud. It was only in 2018 after an unfortunate , or rather fortunate end of his work contract with MANULIFE FINANCIAL that he decided to dedicate himself 100% to music.

Bilingual (English and French), Multi-talented and passionate about any type or form of music, here is, Ladies and Gentlemen, JMtheMelomane, an artist whose goal is to transcend boundaries, styles or genres to give real emotions to people and elevate their SOULS.

Thank You for believing in the music I make!