JMtheMelomane -

Canadian-based artist JMtheMelomane is a self-taught singer, rapper, producer mix master engineer and video director/editor whose goal is to transcend the current level of music. After graduating from the prestigious McGill University, he decided to give up a promising future career in banking and pursue his musical dreams. With no help and encouragement from his family who don't like his choices, he works part-time to finance himself and buy the equipment he needs to operate from his home studio in Montreal. 

Currently he is making a series of songs he releases every 2 weeks that coincide with his "PAYDAYS", a way for him to ask for the universe to help him realize his dreams of replacing his normal paycheques with revenues deriving exclusively from his music. 

Multi-talented and versatile, JMtheMelomane shows us a different universe of sounds inspired by Hip-Hop, RnB, AfroBeat, EDM, Dancehall, Reggaeton, etc... and mixes them all together with only one goal in mind: 

To make his listeners' SOULS vibriate to the highest level.