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I release music every 2 weeks on my PAY DAY to transition from my Part-time job to make music Full-Time.

Produced by JMtheMelomane

Written, by JMtheMelomane
Mixed, Mastered by JMtheMelomane



The pendulum swings
A pendulum slides
I'm tryna stay fit
I'm tryna survive
I've taken that risk
I gotta live by
The choice that I made
I still gotta fight
I'm burning inside
I'm Losing my mind
Looking myself in the mirror like why?
Do you still work?
Do you still try?
Where is the truth?
When All is just lies!?
I'm gonna lose
I'm gonna die
Doing what I what I do
To save my pride
A Few screws loose
But yet I ride
Going so fast that I can't see time
It's passing by, my light won't shine
What should I do?
I'm stuck inside
This chamber of hell
I still can't fly
My anger is growing and I don't know why
Looking at them stories they sharing their lies
But never respect the pain of art
The pain that you're going through you when you're on mic
Always spittin' right
When nothing goes right
Something is wrong
Something's not right
This world is for the strong
But the fear keeps rising
It controls the masses
Make them act reckless
I'm still in confinement
For Your own record
Still making beats
Still making records
Still doing hits
On my own efforts
It's just a dream
But it's all worth it
Doing it for real so they can't say that I faked it
Hate I expect it
Love I accept it
Blood sweats tears when you come in my session
It's just the beginning
Of the storytelling
But I'm gonna rise up
By the time I end this