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I release music every 2 weeks on my PAY DAY to transition from my Part-time job to make music Full-Time.

Produced by JMtheMelomane

Written, by JMtheMelomane
Mixed, Mastered by JMtheMelomane



Ayo ayo ayo ayo!
Mic check 1 2 1 2 !?
Alright alright alright
Ayo let's take them back to the old days man
The old days where you just had some dope ass beats
Where you could rap your ass off all day
You know what I mean!?
Straight up bars bruh
Huh huh huh!

A motherfucker got skills
Drop the beat it's bout to get real
I spit my bars like I pay the bill
* 4

I do the most but get the least
Droppin' such a masterpiece
Rapping for a meal you can say bon appetit
I graduated got a degree now I bring the heat
Bite that shit raw like a wolf that eats a sheep
I think I'll get this job If you look my C.V.
Always quantum if we're talkin' bout a leap
Shut the fuck up I'm the one that does the speech
And when I'm done I bet they'll call me Martin Luther King
Tryna make a movie I'll be directing this bitch
I be Tom Cruisin' cuz my stutin' be legit
Bout to be the king man I'm stacking up bricks
In the air all the haters man I bet they can't breathe
Never bite your tongue if you know that you're the shit
Got too many stocks I don't care about the risks
How you're gonna walk knowing that you're so quick nigga
I be staying here I never gon' quit

A motherfucker got skills
Drop the beat it's bout to get real
I spit my bars like I pay the bill
* 4

They say the sky is the limit
I shine in the dark they can see me
Make the laws like I'm in a senate
Always had flaws but I'm perfect for the business
Skating like a boss I can show you how to pivot
Nevermind the loss just focus on the winnin'
Bitch I got that sauce I ain't talkin' bout the Chili
They can't prove me wrong cuz I'm always so coherent
Waivy is this song I don't want no interference
Rappin' is a sport so just let me do my drills
If you're Barconla then I'm for Real Madrid
I get It from the Source man You always get cheap
I got no remorse cuz unlike you man I never cheat
The beat is on repeat
Got the neighbours always mad
I'm doing it clean while these niggaz droppin' trash
Before I'm outta here
Man I gotta make it last
Gotta bring it back
This is just my motherfuckin' track

Hell yeah!
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